Admission Policy

School of Economics – Department of Economics – Admissions Policy

Profiles of Exemplary Candidates

Students gaining admission into the School of Economics at Okayama University will take advantage of their unique skills and abilities, as they learn, and contemplate their future objectives, and academic career paths. Candidates should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. They should show an interest in economic and social issues.
  2. They should demonstrate a preference for logical thinking and mathematical analysis.
  3. They should demonstrate initiative in their actions and speech, with a desire to take on roles of responsibility among businesses, enterprises, in the government, at NGOs, NPOs, etc.
  4. They should desire to play an active role on the international stage, and demonstrate a strong command of English and other foreign languages.
  5. They should demonstrate compassion for disadvantaged members of society, a sense of social justice, and a passion to work for the benefit of humankind.

The Evening course particularly welcomes those who wish to continue learning, however, because of financial reasons are required to work through the day; also, those who are already fulfilling a specific role in society but wish to further their learning; finally, those who wish to increase their abilities and pursue further individual possibilities.

In order to ensure a smooth academic transit, students are expected to have achieved at least a senior high school academic equivalence in English, mathematics, and Japanese regardless of their university entrance examinations.